Patient Care

At Specialist Ultrasound for Women Blacktown we commit to taking absolute care of your patients, ensuring they have a stress free experience and accurate investigations.  Any counselling provided will be carried out with empathy and respect.


Management of your patients

Our support of your patients will be as follows:

Nuchal Translucency:

All patients booked will be contacted by the practice for advice and instructions. A letter with instructions and blood test request forms will be mailed to them. We will advise patients to have their blood tests done a few days before the scan. This will enable us to give patients the risk assessment result on the same day and patients can be counselled before they leave the practice.


Patients referred or requesting NIPT will be counselled and advised to have a first trimester anatomy scan. Request forms will be issued and blood sample will be drawn at the nearby Douglas Hanly Moir Lab facility. Depending on your preference as the referrer, we are happy to call your patient with the results.

CVS and Amniocentesis:

At the time of the patient booking, gestational age and blood group will be reviewed and an appointment will be scheduled. Patients will be counselled and scanned on the day of the procedure.  They will then be called the day following the procedure to check on how they are doing. The results will be provided to you in a timely manner. Depending on your preference as the referrer, we are happy to call your patient with the results.


Patients will have an appointment booked in the first 10 days of their menstrual cycle. A urinary pregnancy test performed on the day of the procedure is recommended.


From time to time we will need to communicate with you directly.  This may be in the case of:

Unusual pathology or structural anomalies, urgent obstetric cases, short/open cervix, pregnancy of unknown location, ectopic pregnancy, high risk for aneuploidy, any case needing urgent review etc.

In turn, we are happy to support you with any queries you may have, just call us on 02 8847 2200 and we will get you in touch with Dr Magotti.

Depending on the type of tests, we will provide you with reports on the same day of the procedure or early the next day.

Access to images

We will provide you access to your patient images via a link.

Patients can have images wired to their smart phones or email address if they wish for a fee.

Referral Forms

Please click here to download a referral form.